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Repair Parts

  1. Starting & Charging

    Batteries, Alternators, Starters

  2. Suspension Parts

    Shocks & Struts, Coil Springs, Control Arms 

  3. Brake Parts

    Brake Kits, Rotors, Brake Pads 

  4. Engine Parts

    Engine Assemblies, Engine Block, Camshafts

  5. Exhaust Parts

    Exhuast Kits, Manifolds, Pipes

  6. Engine Cooling Parts

    Radiators, Radiator Caps, Cooling Fans

  7. Fuel System Parts

    Throttle Bodies, Fuel Pumps, Fuel Tanks 

  8. Steering Parts

    Steering Boxes, Columns & Shafts, Power Steering Cylinders 

  9. Driveline & Axles

    Axle Shafts, Driveshafts, Differentials 

  10. Electrical Parts

    Defrosters, Air Bag Parts, Fuses

  11. A/C and Heating Parts

    A/C Compressors, Cabin Air Filters, Heater Cores

  12. Transmission Parts

    Flexplates, Flywheels, Clutch Discs

  13. Ignition Parts

    Spark Plugs, Ignition Coils, Distributors 

  14. Emission Control Parts

    EGR Valves, PCV & Breathers, Oxygen Sensors 

  15. Air Intake Parts

    Air Filters, Air Filter Boxes, MAF Sensors

  16. Oils, Fluids, Lubricants

    Antifreeze & Additives, Engine Oil Additives, Motor Oils 

Experience Optimum Performance for Your Vehicle With Our High-Quality Auto Repair Parts Online 

FAB Auto Parts is stocked with thousands of the industry’s top-rated auto repair parts online for when you’re in need of affordable replacement parts to keep your car running smoothly. Getting repair parts at your local auto shop or mechanic can be irritating, especially when your bill is astronomical. When you shop with FAB Auto Parts, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting the best price available online. 

While it’s important to rely on a professional mechanic to handle more demanding jobs, there are plenty of minor repairs you can accomplish all by yourself — and you’ll save a ton of money while doing it! Here are a few auto repairs you’ll find are simple to perform: 

Air Filter — An air filter is responsible for keeping debris and other dust and contaminants from entering your car’s engine. You can purchase name brand air filters from FAB Auto Parts online and replace it yourself in about ten minutes. Why give up your vehicle for the day and pay a mechanic for something you can do in the comfort of your driveway? 

Oil & Oil Filter — One of the most common DIY car maintenance jobs is an oil and oil filter change. Changing the oil and oil filter yourself is a sure way to save both time and money. Mechanics and auto shops charge an exorbitant amount for something that can be done at home for half the price. Next time you need repair parts to carry out your oil maintenance job, browse our website for high-quality, dependable products at prices you can trust.

Windshield Wipers — You’ll find we carry an assortment of vehicle replacement parts for even the most basic projects, like windshield wipers. Auto shops and mechanics often charge an unreasonable amount for replacing your wiper blades. You can toss your old streaky blades and replace them with new, high-performing ones by all yourself in just minutes. With our wide selection of auto repair parts online, you won’t ever have to overpay for windshield wipers again.

Radiator Flush — It’s important to flush your vehicle’s radiator and coolant system periodically. Over time, a radiator builds up deposits, which can affect the cooling system. This system needs to be cleaned and replaced with new antifreeze to prevent your engine from corroding, and can ultimately extend your car’s life. A radiator flush is a quick and inexpensive job that you’ll find is quite easy to carry out on your own. 

Throughout the year, the cost of repairs and maintenance for your vehicle can add up. There are a number of replacement parts your car will need, and hiring a mechanic or auto body professional to do the job can be very costly. By purchasing your own auto repair parts online, you won’t ever have to worry about outrageous markups. At FAB Auto Parts, we carry a wide assortment of auto repair parts online of reliable brands that you can trust. 

For more information on our assortment of auto repair parts, please browse our website or contact us directly at 732-850-5425.