About Us

FAB Auto Parts is a business built on passion, from our CEO's childhood fascination with everything on four wheels to what's now a trusted, respected online source for the highest quality auto parts from the top brand names in the industry. We have the experience and background of being a Top 500 ranked internet retailer with the resources and inventory to serve customers across the US. Our intimate knowledge of cars and serious commitment to customer experience defines us and shapes everything we do.

Our equation for success isn't rocket science. We focus on offering competitive pricing, an exhaustive selection, a simple, secure, no-hassle ordering process, and we deliver what we promise on time. We also answer questions and provide advice. Do this for a decade, and you earn the trust, respect and loyalty of your customers.

The internet is filled with auto parts retailers, but how many really understand and respect the value of each brand they sell, and the level of service that those brands expect from their representatives?

FAB Auto Parts has established itself as an authority on everything automotive, through years of experience working in and around the industry. Our CEO laid the groundwork when he was just a boy washing cars — a job that felt less like work and more like a reward. His curiosity about cars quickly transferred from exteriors to interiors, and soon, a job in a mechanic shop doing full rebuilds for a wide range of cars and trucks which opened the floodgates for what would eventually become FAB Auto Parts.

Today, we're proud to be a vast online resource for everything car owners need — from performance and repair parts to wheel/tire components and interior accessories. But we don't stop there. We continue to grow because we continue to educate ourselves, staying up to date with technology and trends, all so we can meet our customers' needs.

To experience the FAB Auto Parts difference, browse through our extensive online inventory or contact us today and see what FAB can do for you!